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All Star Soccer Academy is one of Sussex finest football Academies. Established in September 2008 the Academy has gone from strength to strength due to the full time commitment of the creators Anthony Storey and Richard Astle. Anthony has brought his professional approach to the academy and this has proven to be a great success. The original concept was Anthony's and he is fully committed to turning his vision into reality. He has invested his time and passion into the All Star Soccer Academy.
The Academy gives players the opportunity to learn and develop their football ability and skills to the highest level as well as enjoying the game and gaining self confidence. All Star Soccer Academy believe in QUALITY not QUANTITY to be able to bring players on and give them the time to develop. Over populating training sessions will hinder players progress. 

This Academy is a step above the rest, concentrating on the technical side of the game as well as SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness) Nutrition and the understanding of what's necessary to take a player to the next level! Although to others, winning and losing appears to be what the game is all about, All Star Soccer Academy make it a priority that development is key. They install a learn first win second mentality. Strength and power comes naturally as the player grows and develops. The coaches have a firm but fair approach and make sure players understand respect, fair play and have a complete awareness of what is expected from them. 
Everyone involved at All Star Soccer Academy have a passion for football and for developing young footballers. All young footballers have the chance to develop their game to the highest level. Some will become good local players and other will push on to become young professionals or elite players.
Knowledge, passion, commitment and the experience of the professional game, produces happy young footballers. Since September 2008 over 100 players have been on trial with professional clubs and as many as 55 have now signed contracts with the likes of Chelsea, Crystal Palace FC, Reading and Brighton & Hove Albion FC. Quality professional coaching has produced these results. No other local football academy can compete with these statistics which is why All Star Soccer Academy is one of the finest soccer academies around!